Lesson Descriptions

Ancient Egypt: Art & Culture (Grades 3–8)

The Albany Institute's collection of art and artifacts from ancient Egypt as well as its mummies provide students with an opportunity to learn about culture and customs of daily life in ancient Egypt.  They will be able to compare and contrast modern life with that of the past through discussion of relics and artifacts illustrating the art of the time.  

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Traders & Culture (Grades 3–8)

The lives of people who settled in the Hudson Valley in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries and the Native Americans who lived along side them are illuminated for students through the exploration of the Albany Institute’s collection of paintings, account books, furniture, ceramics, maps, metal ware, documents, tools, and more.

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Discovering the Museum (Grades pre-K–1, ages 4–6)

Introduce young children to the museum as a place to explore and discover works of art and historical objects.  Students will be led on an interactive journey through our galleries making valuable connections between the past and their lives today.

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The Power of Observation (Grades K–2)

This intensive program focuses on reading works of art through observation and interpretation.  Students will delve into the works on display and use art-specific language to communicaate what they see and experience.

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NY Artists: NY History (Grades 2–5)

Students will use analytical, critical thinking, and observation skills to learn how works of art and objects of material culture tell the stories of the people who lived in our state from 17th century interactions of Native people with the first European settlers to the rise of the Empire State.

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Face to Face (Grades 3–8)

Meet the men, women, and children of the Albany Institute.  Students will compare portraits by American artists from the 18th century through the present to discover clues that reveal information about the artist and their subjects.

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Art, Artists, & Nature: The Hudson River School (Grades 4–12)

Landscape paintings created by 19th century Hudson River artists celebrate the majestic beauty of our region.  Students will learn about 19th century American culture and environmental concerns.

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